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Welcome To Terry's Table

Here at Terry's Table, we are a team of home-based bakers who genuinely care about the joy of the people in the communities in which we live in. We are highly focused on providing excellent food, such as peach, apple, and strawberry cobblers, to the people in our community. All of our partners are certified by the Health Department and take pride in making sure our customer depend on us. But most importantly, we focus on faith, family, and fellowship to those in our communities by providing unity at our special events! We also help support other local vendors to promote future business relationships!

We offer an opportunity for the everyday person to sample our cobblers at our local events around the county so we can give them alternatives for excellent comfort food. At Terry's Table, we make sure that our food is always authentic with every bite. corner bakery comfort food restaurant Oxnard Camarillo Ventura


Welcome to TERRY'S TABLE cobblers in Oxnard"From Our Table to Yours"


We bring Joy and Excitement to our Customers

We provide sample to our customers and post their reactions to our products so they can be a special part of the business.


Service & Special Orders

Pick Up Service

Our Hottest Orders- "The Terry Bites"

Our Hottest Orders- "The Terry Bites"


  • Customers will be able to books orders in advance for pick up at our home location in Oxnard corner bakery comfort food restaurant
  • Customers can  attend the Camarillo Farmer's Market on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays where we have a tent available to try our differente samples of cobblers. 
  • Customers can also try our Fresh Fruit Cobblers at the Channel Islands Farmer's Market on the 4th or last Sunday of each month.

Our Hottest Orders- "The Terry Bites"

Our Hottest Orders- "The Terry Bites"

Our Hottest Orders- "The Terry Bites"


" Terry Bites" 12 ct for $6

These special bites is actual pie but we shaped them into cookie forms. It has the crunchy, salt, sweet, and softness at the same time.

"Guarantee you like it"

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